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Bravofly contractual service conditions and privacy policy

Welcome to bravofly.com, a service provided by Bravonext SA ("Bravonext") with which you can access and receive news and information on trips, traditional airline and low-cost flights and other travel offers. The website allows you to search for and find air tickets, compare and process your reservations and ticket purchase requests with major airlines.  Bravonext is a Swiss company (ID No.: CHE -115.704.228), domiciled at Vicolo de' Calvi 2 - 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland.

Under this same agreement, the credit card payment processing services for goods and/or services purchased on this website are provided by Bravonext’s parent company lastminute.com NV (a Dutch entity, company number: 34267347) on behalf of Bravonext.

Bravonext informs you that when you buy travel products on its websites you may be offered travel insurance from our partner company Europ Assistance SA (operating through Europ Assistance SA Irish Branch) (EAIB). Bravonext collaborates with this insurance firm as party to a third party insurance contract, paying the cost thereof.
EAIB  shall be liable for any errors, negligence or incorrect information that may be supplied in relation to its intermediation activities

We ask you to please read carefully and agree to the following terms and conditions ("T&C") that govern the service (the "Service") that Bravonext makes available at its URL www.bravofly.com  (the "Website").  Bravonext reserves the right to modify the T&C without notice when said modifications become necessary due to changes in market conditions, changes in rules and regulations, or in case of modifications to the risk factors with respect to Bravonext's provision of the Service through the Website. The updated version of the T&C will always be available on the web page located at http://www.bravofly.com/content/en/generalconditions.html. If you wish to take full advantage of the Service and be constantly informed about travel news, traditional airline and low-cost flights, the various travel offers available, as well as use our search engine to search, book and purchase tickets while comparing the schedules and prices of different operators, it is necessary that you register, entering your full and accurate personal information.

Please take into account that the access and use of the Website's free functionality requires the acceptance of these T&C on your part. 

Terms and Conditions of the Bravonext Service

1. Registration

To register to the Service, the user (the “ User”) shall complete the registration process available on the Website and obtain their personal authentication credentials.

The User represents and warrants that all personal data and information provided during the registration process are up to date, complete, accurate and true. The User undertakes to communicate to Bravonext any changes of his/her personal data in a timely manner.

The User authorizes Bravonext to verify the truthfulness of the personal data and any other information provided and undertakes to cooperate with Bravonext during such verification.

At the end of the registration process, the User will receive authentication credentials, consisting of a User ID and a secret Password for which the User shall be solely responsible for in relation to their possession and for the activities carried out through their use.

Should the User have knowledge of any unauthorised use of his authentication credentials and/or any other violations of their confidentiality, the User undertakes to promptly communicate to Bravonext knowledge of such unauthorized use and/or violation, reporting abuse of any kind to abuse@bravofly.com

The User acknowledges that in order to regulate access to the Service, his/her authentication is exclusively linked to the verification of his User ID and password. Therefore, the User is liable for any possible damage caused or prejudices against Bravonext or third parties caused by the use, loss, misappropriation and/or compromising of the confidentiality of the User ID and password. All operations carried out through the User ID and password of the User shall be attributed to the User of such operation and requests. The User acknowledges that Bravonext shall also produce, as evidence of the operations carried out by the User, proofs obtained by the systems and procedures used by Bravonext in order to regulate access to the Website and to provide the Service.

2. Description of the service

Once the registration process is adequately completed, the User will be able to fully access Bravonext's Service, which includes information updates and news feeds on trips, traditional airline and low-cost flights and offers by the main operators; the use of bravofly.com's search engine to look for information on tickets and offers from airlines while comparing the different options, and, finally, to use – by means of a license – our software application that allows the User to directly process a reservation and purchase order for tickets, without the need of making another connection to the company's website.

3. Use of the website - Purchase orders

The User can freely visit the Website and use its functionality only for personal, not commercial, use.  When doing a search in the search engine, making reservations or processing purchase orders, the User recognizes and states that he/she is acting in a purely personal capacity.

While searching or processing reservations and/or purchase orders, the User employs the web application by means of a non-exclusive and temporary license, granted for the time of the operation.  This application allows the User to process, easily and directly, his/her requests without having to make an additional parallel connection to the Internet site of the provider of the service the User is interested in.

The User is not allowed to modify, reuse, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, grant license or use, create derived tasks or jobs, transfer or sell, or in any case, make any commercial use or any use that is not personal in nature of the information, news, content, software and systems, or products obtained or made available to the User through the Website and the use of the Service.

To be able to use the functions of the Website, the User must have an Internet connection, which he/she must procure at his/her own expense from a reliable provider.  Bravonext is not liable for any damages to the User's hardware that may be caused, directly or indirectly, by the Internet connection.

4. Rules of conduct

The User undertakes to use the Website, its functions and the Service for lawful purposes and according to the present T&C. Particularly, the User undertakes neither to send or spread, through the Website and its functions, illicit, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, abusive or disturbing content, nor to use the Website and its functions to perform any acts which could cause damage to the image and reputation of Bravonext or any other loss or damage to Bravonext.

Moreover, the User undertakes not to send advertising materials, undesirable and/or unsolicited communications which could interfere with the functionality and/or the use of the Website by third parties.

5. Intellectual Property

The User acknowledges and recognizes that all information, data, software, content, music, sounds, photographs and images, video and any other content on the Website (the "Content") are the exclusive property of Bravonext and its license holders.

With the exception of using the application as stated in section 3, the User does not acquire any rights on the Content and/or the Website, the only right being the right to use the Website according to these T&C.

The User is authorized to print and/or download the Content (including the T&C) only for personal use.

6. Hyperlink to other Internet websites

The Website contains hypertext links to other Internet resources of commercial partners of Bravonext and/or third parties. The publishing of hypertext links on the Website is done for information purposes and as  a reference for the Users’ use and does not imply any recognition or approval of the contents by Bravonext. Moreover, Bravonext does not exercise control over the contents, information, services and/or products offered by such linked websites. Bravonext shall be not be liable for the truthfulness, accuracy and updating of the information published on such linked websites. The User acknowledges that the use of such websites will be done at his/her own risk.

The publication of a hypertext link and/or another internet resource on the Website does not imply any kind of commercial association and/or affiliation between Bravonext and the administrators of the linked websites.

7. Privacy Policy and Information on Personal Data Processing

7.1 Bravonext SA, a Swiss company within the lastminute.com group (order no.: CHE -115.704.228), based in Vicolo de' Calvi 12 - 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland (tel. 0041 916833339), acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy and rights of Users using its Website and Service. Internet is potentially a very powerful tool for the circulation of personal data; Bravonext and the companies within the lastminute.com group are committed to complying with the regulations of personal data protection and security in order to guarantee the Users' safe, controlled and confidential netsurfing.
This Privacy Statement may be amended in the future to ensure ongoing compliance with all applicable regulations in the event of their amendment or update.
Users are invited to read carefully the rules applied by the company to collect and process personal data and to continue to provide a satisfactory service.

7.2 This Privacy Statement, which is in accordance with personal data protection rules, describes the methods applied by the company to manage and process the personal data of:
(i) Users who consult and use the Website, and
(ii) Users who use the Service.
Users are required to supply accurate, correct and updated personal data in order to establish and manage their contractual relationship with the Data Controller and to duly purchase the selected tourist service. Users acknowledge that the supply of inaccurate, incorrect and not updated personal data prevents the Data Controller from supplying its services.
Pursuant to the Federal Law of 19 June 1992 on Data Protection (LPD) and to Article 45 of the Federal Insurance Supervision Law (LSA), Users are hereby informed that their personal data is stored and processed by Bravonext according to the methods and for the purposes listed below, in accordance with the methods and purposes allowed by LPD and LSA.

7.3 The Data Controllers are Bravonext SA (hereinafter, "Bravonext" or "Data Controller") and the companies that are controlled thereby or affiliated thereto or that are within the lastminute.com group (hereinafter, "Data Controllers"). The full and updated list of companies controlled by and affiliated to Bravonext or within lastminute.com group may be requested by sending an email to privacy@bravofly.com

7.4 Users' personal data is collected:
- from Users, via their direct electronic supply through the filling in of the registration form on the Website or by phone. This data includes Users' name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number etc., which is necessary for the purposes of selecting and purchasing a Flight, a Hotel or another tourist service and for the additional purposes provided in these terms and conditions.
- via the computer systems and software procedures used for the operation of the Website in the course of their normal operation, in an implicit manner, as a result of the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated with identified Users; yet, it is such that, as a result of its processing and association with data held by third parties, it might lead to the identification of Users. This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers of Users connecting to the Website, the URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the resources requested, the hour of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the number code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, mistake, etc.) and other parameters related to Users' operating systems and computer environments. This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the Website and to verify its proper operation. The data may be used to establish liability in case of potential computer crimes damaging the Website.
- by the Website via cookies. Cookies are information, often containing a single, anonymous ID. code, which is sent to the browser by a web server and which is then stored on the hard drive of the User's computer. Cookies are then reread and recognized by the website that sent them in case of subsequent connections. Bravonext may use cookies to store and sometimes track data supplied by Users in order to provide a more accurate Service to the Users themselves.
The data obtained via cookies, if any, is used by the Data Controller either directly or via companies that cooperate therewith, in order to ensure more simple, immediate and fast Website access and use of the Service, as well as Users' easier navigation of the Website and for marketing purposes related to the services provided by the Data Controller. All Users' data that is not collected for direct communications from the Users themselves is used solely for statistical purposes on web traffic and is not associated with single Users.
The receipt of cookies used in this Website may be interrupted at any time by Users by changing the settings of their browser, or may be denied from the beginning of the contractual relationship in the same manner.

7.5 Users' personal data will be processed by hand or by using electronic means that are such as to ensure, in relation to the purposes for which such data is communicated and collected, data security and confidentiality, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to such data, for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes of its collection.

7.6 Data will be processed at the legal and operational headquarters of the Data Controllers and at the server farm of the lastminute.com group in Haarlem, The Netherlands, and at the offices of the parties to which such data may be communicated.

7.7 Apart from the above specifications on navigation data, Users' personal data will be used for the following purposes:
A. for data collection, storage and processing for the purposes of establishing and managing, in operational and administrative terms, the contractual relationship connected to the supply of the Service
B. to send communications by email, phone or SMS on the contractual relationship, including communications relating to the good progress thereof;
C. to comply with statutory or regulatory obligations;
D. for data collection, storage and processing to carry out anonymous and/or aggregate statistical analyses;
E. to send by email, except where denied by the User, Bravonext advertising material on products or services that are similar or related to the services or products offered on the Website;
F. subject to letter E) above and only upon the User's prior express consent, to send by e-mail, telephone, mail, SMS or MMS the best travel/leisure deals and deals for other services supplied by the Data Controllers themselves or their commercial Partners operating in Tourism, Leisure, High Tech, Fashion, Furniture, Consumer products, Food & Beverage, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Environment, Communications, Media, Entertainment, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Clothing and Textiles, Training, Energy, Publishing, ICT, Retail, Sports, Telecommunications, and Services in general.

7.8 Should the User refuse to supply his personal data, he may not obtain the services required in relation to the purposes set out in points A) and B) of Article 7.7; in addition, the Data Controller may be prevented from supplying the Service correctly and from complying with its contractual obligations set out in the terms and conditions. Data processing for the purposes set out in points A), B), C) D) and E) of Article 7.7 does not require the consent of the person concerned.
The supply of personal data for the purposes set out in point F) of Article 7.7 is optional. Data processing for the purposes set out in point F) of Article 7.7 requires the consent of the person concerned. The User's refusal to supply his data or to give his consent to these purposes signifies that, subject to letter E), the Data Controllers will be unable to send their deals referred to in letter F) of Article 7.7 to the User.

7.9 The Data Controller will make sure that all personal data supplied thereto is not disclosed and is processed in such a way as to guarantee its security and confidentiality, as well as to prevent unauthorized access thereto. All personal data and information provided by Users may be communicated, for the purposes set out above, to the following categories of parties:
- the company's employees and/or collaborators who assist and advise the Data Controller on Administration, Products, Legal Affairs, Customer Care, Information Systems, as well as those in charge of maintaining the company's network and hardware/software equipment;
- airlines, hotels, car hire firms, insurance companies, Tour Operators and all other parties to whom data communication is necessary for contract performance. Please note that airline companies are required, in accordance with the regulations introduced in the US and in other countries, to allow the customs and border authorities to have access to flight passenger data. Therefore, information on Users and their travelling collected by Bravonext may be communicated thereby to the competent authorities of the countries touched by Users' travel itineraries, if so required by industry standards.
- parties whose right to access data is recognized by statutory provisions or by orders issued by the competent authorities;
- parties that are delegated and/or appointed by the Data Controllers to carry out activities related to Service supply.
The list of the names of the parties to whom Users' personal data may be communicated is available at Bravonext, by writing to privacy@bravofly.com

7.10 By sending a written request to the Data Controller, the User may: (i) obtain from the Data Controller confirmation of the existence of his personal data; (ii) obtain information about the source of his data, the purposes and methods of data processing and the logics applied where data is processed by electronic means; (iii) obtain the details of the Data Controller and of the Data Processors, if any; (iv) obtain information about the parties or categories of parties to whom his personal data may be communicated or who may become aware thereof in their capacity of designated representative in the Country, data processors or people in charge thereof; (v) obtain the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of data processed against the law, and the updating, correction or, if interested therein, integration of his data and (vi) obtain a certification that the operations referred to in point (v) above have been brought to the knowledge, even as regards their content, of those to whom such data has been communicated or spread, unless this proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate use of means when compared to the right being protected; (vii) object to data processing, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons; (viii) object to data processing for the sending of advertising or direct sales material or for market surveys or commercial communications. The above requests must be sent to BravoNext SA's address privacy@bravofly.com
By sending an express written request by e-mail, the User may also obtain the correction of any incorrect or inaccurate personal data or obtain its cancellation to the extent permitted by law.
In order not to receive any further commercial or promotional offers from the Data Controllers, the User, in addition to exercising the above rights, may also follow the simple procedure activated by the link "unsubscription" that is available in all commercial communications sent by the Data Controllers.

8. Choice Of Applicable Law And Exclusive Jurisdiction

The T&C and the relationship between the User and Bravonext are governed, in the measure allowed by applicable regulations, by Swiss law. Regarding what is allowable by applicable regulations and international agreements, the parties agree that the resolution of any dispute that could arise between them according to the T&C, the relationship created between them will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of ordinary courts at Bravonext's headquarters. Bravonext also reserves the right to meet with the User in a competent court at the User's domicile.

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